Free will: The price for religious freedom, fanaticism and cultic doom

In recent days, Kenyans have been treated to the horrors of Pastor Paul Mackenzie and his congregants who were found dead in Shakahola forest after allegedly fasting to death. This is a disturbing headline in the news cycle that keeps getting worse at every turn, with detectives unearthing more bodies as investigations continue. This case […]

The Legitimacy of Representation and Political Inclusion in Kenya’s Democracy

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash The vetting of the nominated Permanent Secretaries which commenced on 14th November in various committees was halted by a conservatory order issued by the High Court following a case filed by the Law Society of Kenya on 11th November 2022. The Law Society of Kenya argued that there was […]

A Twitter Post, Social Media Outrage and a Revealing Survey

Social media has been on a frenzy the past few weeks due to a twitter post that tried throwing jabs at a pupil for the mode of transport she chose. Since there was no backstory, netizens made assumptions and picked a side to battle for. This particularly sparked outrage from the young bar members as […]

It’s A Customer Service the Legal Way

The past week has seen social media light up with customer service week posts and various companies celebrating their customers. Law firms were not left behind and some of them came out in pomp and flair to celebrate their clients on and off social media. From cakes and flowers to clients, gifts in form or […]