Parliament Approves a Motion to See Future Road Construction Projects Include Tree Planting

Dagoretti South MP John Kiarie has moved a motion that will require the national government to include a component of tree planting in all road network designs & also makes it compulsory for road contractors to replace any tree harvested during road construction upon completion of the project. 

The motion through the departmental committee on transport and infrastructure was seconded by Wanjiku Muhia, MP Kipipiri Constituency. 

John Kiarie who also chairs the parliamentary committee on youth affairs cited article 42 of the constitution which accords every Kenyan a right to a clean and healthy environment, adding that article 69 (1) (d) mandates the state to encourage public participation in the management, protection and conservation of the environment.

In the motion, Kiarie also cited that deforestation is one of the main contributors of climate change, whose effects Kenya has not been spared, occasioned extreme effects such the drought currently being witnessed in parts of the country particularly Northern Kenya.

Kenya’s road network today stands at approximately 177,800 kilometers with an estimated rate of development of 600 kilometers per year. This rapid development of the road network has seen persistent destruction of trees and vegetation along road reserves during construction.

The motion also cited that the benefits that would accrue from the implementation of this motion as reduction of soil erosion, wind breaking, prevention of water run off and improving the lives of Kenyans due to fresh clean air. 

Meanwhile, the National Assembly has approved a motion also by the same MP on the empowerment of Artisans by the National Government.

While contributing to the motion, MPs highlighted the immense potential for wealth creation & job opportunities through local production generated if well-developed and commercialized. 

They further argued that Kenya’s imports are well in excess of Kshs.2 billion.

This motion, if approved by the House, will enable the National Government through the relevant Ministry to formulate a policy, ring-fencing 2% of the monies allocated under NGCDF and UWEZO Fund for the purposes of equipping artisans with the necessary skills, technology and tools. 

Kenya’s vision 2030 hopes to make the country into an industrialized middle income in a period of nine years through wealth and job creation. 

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Nasra Nanda

Nasra Nanda

Nasra Nanda is a Senior Associate in Dentons Hamilton Harrison and Matthews, a leading law firm in Kenya.

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Gregor Pannike

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Liz Lenjo

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Angela Kioi

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